Sunday, 29. January 2012
Hcon’s Security Testing Framework
Hcon respects & salutes to all of the freedom fighters of India, without whom we can never be able get our freedom.A tribute to all of the freedom fighters of all the countries we present HconSTF version 0.4 codename ‘Freedom’.Hope this year brings freedom for everyone on the internet form different governments & companies which are making the internet users their slaves.For this purpose HconSTF 0.4 has integrated many functions for anonymity and OSINT.

What it can do ? :
Most of the part of HconSTF is semi-automated but you still need your brain to work it out.
It can be use in all kind of security testing stages, it has tools for conducting tasks like,
1. Information gathering
2. Enumeration & Reconnaissance
3. Vulnerability assessment
4. Exploitation
5. Privilege escalation
6. Reporting
also can be used for web debugging