Wednesday, 4. April 2012
The Art of Win32 Shellcoding
Table of Contents

Part 1: The Basics
What’s Shellcode?
The Types of Shellcode
Part 2: Writing Shellcode
Shellcode Skeleton
The Tools
Getting the Delta
Getting the Kernel32 imagebase
Getting the APIs
Null-Free byte Shellcode
Alphanumeric Shellcode
Egg-hunting Shellcode
Part 2: The Payload
Socket Programming
Bind Shell Payload
Reverse Shell Payload
Download & Execute Payload
Put All Together
Part 4: Implement your Shellcode into Metasploit
Appendix I – Important Structures


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Cracking WPA/WPA2 - TUT
Cracking the pre-shared key in five different ways:
1. Use aircrack-ng (without CUDA support) to crack the pre-shared key (slow)
2. Use Pyrit and Cowpatty to crack key on the fly (passthrough mode using CUDA) (faster than way 1)
3. Use Pyrit alone to crack key on the fly (attack_passthrough mode) (faster than way 2 and is most recommended)
4. Pyrit CUDA Batch Mode – Create rainbow tables with pyrit
5. Brute force with Crunch and Pyrit (not recommended)

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