ClubHACK Magazine March 2012
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Tech Gyan: Network Security
Computer Networks are the back bone of all organizations which rely on Information Technology (IT) and are the primary entry point for users to access the Information resources of an organization. Networks today are no longer limited within the physical location of an organization, but are required to be accessible from anywhere in the world which makes it vulnerable to several threats.
Legal Gyan: Section 66A – Sending offensive or false messages
From this article onwards we will look at those sections.
With internet and telecommunication virtually controlling communication amongst people, amendments in the Information Technology Act, 2000 (IT Act) have made it clear that transmission of any text, audio or video that is offensive or has a menacing character can land a sender in jail. The punishment will also be attracted if the content is false and has been transmitted for the purpose of causing annoyance, inconvenience, danger or insult.
Tool Gyan: Who wants to be a Millionaire
Everyone wants to be Millionaire and this article is just going to tell you how you can become one. The Web 2.0 has opened lots of opportunities and possibilities along with lots of security issues. One of the popular technology is “Flash” along with its never ending security issues. People laugh when they hear the terms “Flash” and “Security” together. Industry experts say that Flash is actually moving the ball towards ease of use and functionality and thus compromises on security.
Matriux Vibhag: EtherApe – Graphical Network Monitoring
Hello readers, we are back again with a new release, Matriux Krypton v1.2 at nullcontritiya,Goa 2012. Thank you for your support throughout these years that we are able to bring in the bigger and better security solutions. This version includes some great features with 300 powerful penetration testing and forensic tools. The UI is made more elegant and faster. Based on Debian Squeeze with a custom compiled kernel 2.3.39-krypton Matriux is the fastest distribution of its kind and runs easily on a p-IV with as low as 256MB RAM and just 6GB HDD. Included new tools like reaver-wps, androguard, apkinspector, ssh server and many more.
Mom’s Guide: Protect your privacy online with ’TOR’
Let’s begin with what Tor means: The Onion Router. A router is a device that handles your request to go from your home, office, mobile connection to a website or a web service. If you write in your browser URL bar and hit return, you’ll send your request to your ISP router, which will send the request to another router and so on, until you reach the CHmag ISP router, and finally get your page back. Every one of these steps is called a “hop”.

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