RIPS - PHP Vulnerabilities Scanner

detect XSS, SQLi, File disclosure, LFI/RFI, RCE vulnerabilities and more
5 verbosity levels for debugging your scan results
mark vulnerable lines in source code viewer
highlight variables in the code viewer
user-defined function code by mouse-over on detected call
active jumping between function declaration and calls
list of all user-defined functions (defines and calls), program entry points (user input) and scanned files (with includes) connected to the source code viewer
graph visualization for files and includes as well as functions and calls
create CURL exploits for detected vulnerabilties with few clicks
visualization, description, example, PoC, patch and securing function list for every vulnerability
7 different syntax highlighting colour schemata
display scan result in form of a top-down flow or bottom-up trace
only minimal requirement is a local webserver with PHP and a browser (tested with Firefox)
regex search function