Magix Xtreme Foto & Grafik Designer 5.1 - Happy Easter
A graphic software such as Photo & Graphic Designer is usually included in photo editing programs using multiple toolbars. The toolbar on the left side is the most important, for it determines which step will take place next. Here you will find an entire tool palette, from a simple cursor in the top corner (selection tool) to the photo tool (marked by a red cross) at the bottom left, which will be mentioned again later. To use these, you will first need a photo. After it has been archived on the PC, a photo may be uploaded directly from the program or placed into the program via drag-and-drop. The portrait, which serves as an example here, has been imported into the software in horizontal format. It may now be turned by hand into the desired position, for which you must left click once on the image with your mouse. Since the portrait has to be turned 90 degrees, there is another perfectly suitable function which may be used. Rotate left and rotate right are tools, appearing in the top toolbar after the photo tool is selected in the right toolbar.