Tuesday, 29. May 2012
Micro Niche Websites - Make $100-$5000/mo in Autopilot
Creation of micro niche websites helps in building residual amounts and the process of creation is also simple. Latest trend in earning money online is integrating Google AdSense with micro niche websites. The difficulty in creation of AdSense with Micro niche is moderate.

Start with collecting the keywords and you can take the assistance of keyword search tools to find out the most often searched keywords which have a count lesser than 1000 searches per day and which can yield lesser than 55000 exact matching search results. The domain names have to be selected and also the domain extensions are to be chosen. .INFO and .Net are often preferred for micro niche websites.

A WordPress theme which is simple has to be installed on the selected domain name. Simple themes are preferable as too much shabby looking themes can create wrong impressions on the user or they may get diverted. Your website must have a better appearance hence use a header image or a favicon must be added to it. Articles within a range of 300 to 400 words must be written on your keywords. If the content is unique, it gives you more points by the bot and avoid copying the content or plagiarizing the content as it does not favor the search engine’s search.

New posts are to be added for every 5 days or at least repost the same content at predetermined time. Limited posts must b allowed and this limitation can be around 3 to 4 posts. Your website must load quickly , for this purpose and also to prevent the user from overwhelming by looking at the content of the main page, this limitation is suggested. Use back links with excellent quality. Don’t use back links with low quality as they may end up in spamming.

Few back links with good quality are better than having lots of bad quality back links to your website. Use a large box to place your AdSense, this prevents confusion and also helps in better appearance of the page also increasing the CRT. Several such sites usually in number of hundreds must be developed and an income of about $1000+ can be earned per successful site. Keep creating new content so as to invite large number of visitors and hence better Adsense revenue.

Micro Niche Websites already created a big Micro Niche Business in the Internet Marketing World. Its possible to make $1000+/mo in autopilot with Adsense through Micro Niche Websites. Just get the website, sit back and enjoy the earning.

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Friday, 7. October 2011
NSS Labs - Bounties for exploits
ExploitHub, which operates a penetration-testing site and is run by NSS Labs, announced a bug-bounty program for researchers to develop exploits for 12 high-value vulnerabilities in Microsoft and Adobe products. The company, which has set aside $4,400 in reward money, plans to give $100 to $500 to the first people to submit a working exploit for the vulnerabilities. Ten of the vulnerabilities concern Microsoft's Internet Explorer browser and two were found in Adobe's Flash multimedia program.




Thursday, 4. August 2011
Microsoft BlueHat Security contest - $250,000
Microsoft today launched a $250,000 contest for researchers who develop defensive security technologies that deal with entire classes of exploits. The total cash awards for Microsoft's "BlueHat Prize" contest easily dwarfs any bug bounty that's been given by rivals. The company announced the contest as this year's Black Hat security conference got under way today in Las Vegas.

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Saturday, 30. July 2011
Facebook Security Bug Bounty
To show our appreciation for our security researchers, we offer a monetary bounty for certain qualifying security bugs. Here's how it works.
A typical bounty is $500 USD
We may increase the reward for specific bugs
Only 1 bounty per security bug will be awarded




Thursday, 14. July 2011
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